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Designer Bums

Toilet Training Under Pants

Toilet Training Under Pants

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Designer Bums Reusable Training Pants the perfect support for the next step in toilet-training toddlers while transitioning out of nappies. 

Designer Bums Pull-Up training Underpants are lined inside with six layers of highly-absorbent high-density, organic cotton muslin sewn through the gusset area which is manufactured to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 to ensure the exclusion of harmful ingredients, meaning they are safe for delicate skin and kind to the environment. Not designed for heavy wetting or overnights.

Includes 2 Pairs 

Turn underpants inside out and warm wash at MAX 40-60 degrees. For best results, turn inside out and hang-dry indoors or outdoors with the absorbent cotton panel facing outwards. The in-built panel will continue to expand and increase with absorbency after multiple washes.


Recommended Weight: 20-25kg
Waist 29cm
Groin Width: 12.25cm
Thigh Holes: 18cm


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